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how chiropractic treatment can relieve headaches

Do you suffer from headaches on a regular basis? Have you talked with your doctor and haven't found any relief? Did you know that headaches can be caused bu issues that you are having with your spine? I suffered with headaches for months before a friend of mine recommended that I go see a chiropractor. She told me how she went through the same thing and after a few alignments, the headaches were no longer an issue. I have compiled all of the information that I have dug up about how chiropractic treatment can relieve headaches and included it all here on my blog.

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3 Reasons To Consider Sports Performance Therapy

All too often, people think of sports medicine as a treatment instead of a preventative method. However, sports performance therapy professionals use physical therapy techniques to help athletes to become stronger, more flexible, and less susceptible to injury, preventing a world of problems. Here are three reasons to consider sports performance therapy.  

1. Improve Your Range of Motion Before a sports performance therapist starts working with you, they will carefully evaluate your range of motion and your abilities. In addition to talking with you about your chosen sport, they will evaluate things like your gait, reaching ability, and current flexibility to establish a starting point for therapy. 

Since improving your range of motion can help to prevent injuries, sports performance therapists will move through exercises with you to increase flexibility and reach. On the field, an improved range of motion might mean being able to reach a little higher to snag that catch, lunge farther to stop a pass, or step wider to block an incoming player. 

2. Prevent Injury Sports injuries like sprains and tears are incredibly common, which is one of the reasons sports performance therapy is crucial for your career. As you work through therapy, you will learn the proper ways to perform basic activities related to your sport, reducing your risks of injury and helping to extend your playing career. 

For instance, you might retrain your brain to keep your knee behind your ankle when you do a lunge, helping to prevent wear and tear on your knees. Preventing injuries starts with good habits, so consider your investment in sports performance therapy money well spent. 

3. Boost Your Balance Another critical element of sports performance therapy includes improving your balance. As you move through different motions, your therapist will work with you to improve your ability to stand on one foot, balance in positions you might find yourself in, or prevent falls by being able to remain stable. 

By practicing balance and working hard to master techniques, you might find yourself being able to stay upright when you need to, protecting you from potential injuries while also improving your game. 

If you love to play sports, but you have had problems with injuries in the past, consider talking with a physical therapist or sports performance therapist about what you can do to improve your abilities. By being proactive about your health, you may be able to avoid problems and enjoy the sports you love without losing any time from the field.