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how chiropractic treatment can relieve headaches

Do you suffer from headaches on a regular basis? Have you talked with your doctor and haven't found any relief? Did you know that headaches can be caused bu issues that you are having with your spine? I suffered with headaches for months before a friend of mine recommended that I go see a chiropractor. She told me how she went through the same thing and after a few alignments, the headaches were no longer an issue. I have compiled all of the information that I have dug up about how chiropractic treatment can relieve headaches and included it all here on my blog.

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Why You Might Want To Consider Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a process that's recommended for dealing with a wide range of issues. It's also becoming a choice that's increasingly covered by health insurance plans. If you're wondering whether massage therapy might be worth exploring, it may be in these 5 different situations.

Cancer-Related Issues

A study of 1,290 individuals with cancer and 12 massage therapists found that symptoms may be treatable with massage. The study evaluated how well the patients responded in terms of pain, anxiety, stress and fatigue. An approximate decline of 50% in symptoms was noted, with Swedish-style and light-touch being considered the most effective overall.

In a different trial, 100 patients were provided with massage therapy prior to radiation treatments. These individuals reported similar results, with 43% demonstrating lowered anxiety levels.

Circulation Problems

Massage therapy is commonly assigned when folks have circulation issues, especially in their legs or feet. It's believed that massage manually stimulates blood flow, making it an interesting option for individuals with sports injuries, diabetes, arthritis and age-related problems.

Promoting Healing

For folks who've experienced physical injuries, massage therapy may serve to encourage healing. In addition to improving circulation, it also allows muscles to relax. This takes tension off injured body parts, reducing the risks that they'll be re-injured due to tightness or lack of motion. Clinical evidence indicates that massage therapy may reduce the amount of scarring in a recently injured body part.

Recovering from Nerve Compression

Nerves that are under pressure from being pinched, sitting in tight tunnels in the body or other sources of trouble can great tremendous pain and limit motion. Massage therapy can be prescribed in order to help patients take the pressure off these nerves. It's an option explored by many people who have carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, neck or back pain, shoulder problems and numbness in their hands. You may also want to discuss it if you're experiencing migraines.

Mental Health Concerns

The healing power of touch is often invoked in the context of massage therapy, and there may be something to it. Individuals who receive one-hour massages, for example, experienced 30-percent declines in cortisol, a hormone linked to stress. They also saw increases in serotonin, a hormone that plays a role in many positive functions, including sleep. Consequently, massage therapy may be worth a try if you're attempting to cope with the symptoms of depression, anxiety or other types of mental health disorders.

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