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how chiropractic treatment can relieve headaches

Do you suffer from headaches on a regular basis? Have you talked with your doctor and haven't found any relief? Did you know that headaches can be caused bu issues that you are having with your spine? I suffered with headaches for months before a friend of mine recommended that I go see a chiropractor. She told me how she went through the same thing and after a few alignments, the headaches were no longer an issue. I have compiled all of the information that I have dug up about how chiropractic treatment can relieve headaches and included it all here on my blog.

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Why A Chiropractor May Advocate Using A Foam Roller For An Office Worker

If you're someone who sits at a desk in an office for 40 or so hours a week, you have to expect that this degree of inactivity will take a toll on your body. While neck, shoulder, and hip pain can all materialize, low-back pain is often associated with prolonged periods of sitting. Should you choose to pursue chiropractic care for your workplace-related ailments, your chiropractor won't just adjust you — he or she will also suggest the means that you can use to care for yourself. Many chiropractors advocate the use of foam rollers, and your practitioner may even suggest that you take yours to work and keep it stashed in your office. Here are some reasons that your chiropractor will make this suggestion.

Helping To Keep Muscles Loose

One of the chief objectives of using a foam roller is to loosen up your muscles, and doing so can prove to be extremely beneficial for an office worker. You can expect that your chiropractor will show you how to use this fitness tool — and, specifically, will focus on teaching you exercises that directly relate to the type of physical discomfort you're dealing with. When you're able to loosen your muscles, they'll pull less on the joints that may already be sore, and will allow you to get through your day with less pain.

Reminding You To Get Up

When you tell a chiropractor how much you sit during the day, he or she will likely advocate that you get up and move regularly. Advice concerning the exact frequency of doing so differs among chiropractors, but all will remind you that regular breaks from sitting will be instrumental to keeping your body feeling good. When you keep a foam roller in your office — perhaps even stashed beneath your desk — it can serve as a reminder of the need to get up and move. Each time that you notice the foam roller can be a cue to get on the floor and loosen your muscles.

Aiding Your Stress Levels

Many chiropractors are all about teaching you stress reduction, which is often critical for those who sit in offices all day. One of the valuable elements of using a foam roller is that it may reduce your stress. The kneading that it provides your muscles simply feels good, and this sensation of pleasure may encourage you to temporarily stop thinking about what work-related issues are stressing you and focus on pleasure. Your chiropractor knows that when you're stressed, back pain can be around the corner, and will thus advocate using a foam roller as a stress-reduction tool.

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