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how chiropractic treatment can relieve headaches

Do you suffer from headaches on a regular basis? Have you talked with your doctor and haven't found any relief? Did you know that headaches can be caused bu issues that you are having with your spine? I suffered with headaches for months before a friend of mine recommended that I go see a chiropractor. She told me how she went through the same thing and after a few alignments, the headaches were no longer an issue. I have compiled all of the information that I have dug up about how chiropractic treatment can relieve headaches and included it all here on my blog.

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Trapezius Muscle Strain: Did It Cause Your Shoulder Pain?

If one of your shoulders hurts tremendously, you might have trapezius muscle strain. People who perform repetitive duties or activities, such as lifting heavy boxes or playing golf, can strain their trapezius muscles. The pain created by trapezius muscle strain can become worse without treatment. You can beat the pain with the information and tips below.

What's Trapezius Muscle Strain?

The trapezius muscles are the large triangular muscles found between your neck and mid-back region. The trapezius muscles allow you to push, pull, and lift objects of all sizes. If you use your trapezius muscles a lot, you can easily overwork and strain the tissues. Overworked muscles can weaken, tighten up, and inflame over time.

Trapezius pain can become worse when you try to lift your arm or use your hand. You might even toss and turn at night, because sleeping in any position can be painful. Some people develop pain in their necks that could potentially lead to headaches and other upper body discomfort. 

Muscle strain in the trapezius muscles is manageable with the right treatments and lifestyle changes.

How Do You Manage Your Pain?

If you can do so, take a break from the activity that possibly caused your trapezius pain. The break may give your trapezius muscles a chance to recover a bit. Also, try taking warm baths or showers to ease the ache in your muscles. 

You can also improve your nights by placing soft pillows behind your back. The pillows may prevent you from accidentally lying on your shoulder when you fall asleep. If the pain continues, try sleeping with your head and arm elevated on several pillows.

If the pain still continues to bother you, consult with a chiropractor. A chiropractor can x-ray your muscles to see how much damage they sustained from your repetitive movements. If the muscles are only swollen and inflamed, you may take medications to control these symptoms.

If the muscles are extremely tight or tense, range of motion exercises and heat therapy may be treatment options for you. Removing tension in your muscles and restoring movement in your shoulder are essential to managing your pain. You may need to undergo these treatments regularly to strengthen and relax your trapezius muscles. A chiropractor will generally go over your options before they begin your actual treatment.

To learn more about trapezius muscle strain and the possible treatments for it, contact a chiropractor soon. You can also check out sites like for more information.